Monday, January 9, 2012

Cats are so cute!

Cats can be so cute! They curl up into such nice little balls of fur when they sleep. They have the biggest eyes that look up at you when they want some love. They climb up on your lap purring, wanting to cuddle. Then when you turn your back, they puke all over your couch!
  Luckily that's why we have dogs. They lick up the kitty puke for you and make cleaning up just a little bit easier!

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  1. For the Love of Pets
    I 've found in the years that the love of pets is only found with the love of the one or one's who share that love for kitties and pups with each other. Does that make sense. Basically, love pets as you love each other. Sounds like some kind of command from God. But it is, as Meg, my wife, shared with me the other day. It is our responsibility to care for God's creatures.

    Back to the love of pets with one another. I've found how women, otherwise known as "cat ladies" do exist. One woman caring for her mother at her home, for instance, took every cat into her home and made it a "cat santuary". It was very mysterious environment. Many (over thirty) kitty souls, lounging or meandering throughout the house. The woman said they all have their own places to curl up and cat nap. They all have their own character that make them distinct. I've wondered, do they ever sleep or are they on-call for any change in their environment.

    I'll have to get back about pups, as their is more to write about the wonderful world of kitties. Thanks, Meg!