Sunday, February 28, 2016

Baby Chicks have arrived!

Last night we picked up 4 baby Black Star chicks to add to our menagerie. They are so fluffy and chirpy, I can't hardly stand it! They are testing out their wings, making short little flights across one another. It's really cute! I wish they would stay this tiny for a while. I know they won't, so I will enjoy them while they are the cute little fluffy bundles of cheeps they are today.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kitty Love

 It's Valentines Day weekend and the kitties are in full lovin' mode. I was on the couch with a headache this morning and the kitties couldn't resist the chance to snuggle with me. Remington was the first one up. He decided to go under the comforter and curl up in my armpit. Next was Tavian. He found a comfy spot by my legs to snuggle up to. Finally Carmella was on and off several times trying to find the best place to lay down. She finally settled on my left shoulder with one paw on my neck. I was all tucked in to a blanket of kitties, warm, purring and furry. It was a nice way to spend the morning even though I had a headache. Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Visit from the Chicken Fairy

The chickens are plagued with cabin fever right now. It's been a long, cold, snowy winter and they've hated every minute of it. Somehow the chickens have spoiled themselves. They think they are princesses or something. "How dare this white stuff touch me!" Anyway, since it's warmed up, they are dying to get out and eat grass. Miss Prissy has been very bite-y in protest to being cooped up, literally. Yesterday I promised them that they could get out and eat grass this weekend. I figured that there would be enough snow melted that their royal highness's could find some exposed grass to munch on. Today that promised was acknowledged. When I went out to collect eggs, I found a tiny, round, speckled fairy egg in the nest box. It's so adorable! So now, I know that if I don't let them out this weekend, there will be a chicken revolt. So, Mother Nature, don't fail me now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cats are so cute!

Cats can be so cute! They curl up into such nice little balls of fur when they sleep. They have the biggest eyes that look up at you when they want some love. They climb up on your lap purring, wanting to cuddle. Then when you turn your back, they puke all over your couch!
  Luckily that's why we have dogs. They lick up the kitty puke for you and make cleaning up just a little bit easier!

Friday, January 6, 2012

To the vet, again

Hello! Even though this is the first post of Too Cute Pups and Their Kitties, it is yet another day with yet another trip to the vet. Our "baby" Tavian has been peeing in all kinds of places, but the litterbox. Then yesterday, he laid around all day, which is not usual for him. So, off to the vet today to see what's up!  And what we found is a bacterial urinary infection. The poor little guy had to be held on his back while they did an ultrasound of his bladder. Then on top of that, they stuck a needle in his belly into his bladder and extracted urine so it could be tested! He barely flinched when the needle went in, he was sooo good! Now we have to give him a round of antibiotics and hopefully he will be his old self in a couple days. Maybe some catnip will make him feel better!